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I am a no-nonsense, fun yet serious, person-centered coach. To me, we are equals in our coaching relationship. I am like a guide, walking beside you on your path. Using the knowledge and skills I bring to the table, we will remove the saboteurs holding you back and help you reconnect to your inner guide, so you can forge ahead on new adventures. If you’re looking for a straight talker, who’s utterly honest with you, while having your best interests at heart, then that’s me.

Coaching & Training

My coaching practice, Platform B, is a safe place to hang out and talk. It’s a place to learn, to express your hopes and dreams, and to change direction. It is a place to come if you want to build a life based on your life’s purpose
and if you yearn to reach your full potential. I’m here to help you find a new direction and to step outside your comfort zone. You can find details about coaching and my workshops below.

“As a coach, my goal is to see you move from the passenger’s seat and to the driver’s seat. I want you behind the steering wheel, in control of your life.”

Let me help you embark on your new journey

Whether it be coaching, workshops or support groups, I partner with you for the next stage of your journey.  Enjoy browsing my programs. I’m sure there’s something here for you.

Life Coaching

For those ready for a new direction

ADHD Support Group

Support group for those with ADHD

ADHD Coaching

For those with ADHD yearning for focus


The Learning Labs for personal growth

Those new to coaching are never quite sure what to expect. So here is a brief explanation of what coaching is and what it isn’t.

What coaching isn’t:

  • Me telling you what to do with your life
  • Performance pressure
  • Another chore to add to your workload
  • A magic bullet, an easy way out. You have to do the work to experience results. I cannot do it for you.

What coaching is:

  • A place to talk about you and to be listened to without judgement
  • Making exciting choices about what you really want
  • Learning how to do things more efficiently
  • Design the life you want
  • Experiencing a sense of peace and calm, and having the power to make things happen!

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Do you have any questions regarding my coaching offer or do you just want to have a chat before we begin working together? Get in touch or book a free exploration session now.

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