OUTRAGEOUS is my word for the year and being DARING is my motto.

I experienced 2021 as one big blur of nothing muchness, despite a shocking health blip in April that added a splash of drama and color. But overall, beige is how I would describe my 2021. The responsibility for this is all mine because I allowed myself to become too comfortable, too complacent and too boring.

I am fed up with feeling bored and being boring. In fact, I’ve become so boring that I even bore myself. Which is why I’ve decided to chose Outrageous as my word for the year.

Where’s Jacinta gone?

As I reflected on 2021, I wondered where on earth I’d gone.  I really miss the younger me who sold up all her earthly possessions, jumped on a plane and flew to Europe for a wedding. I miss that daring me who boldly applied for a job in the pharmaceutical industry, despite there being no job opening, and yet managed to get herself hired. I miss that zany me who loves singing and making music, even though she’s not really that good at it, but will snatch the microphone out of your hand if you give her half a chance. I miss that curious me who loves to try new things, especially things that are outside her comfort zone and who will give anything a try, as long as it doesn’t involve physical exertion. I wonder where that Jacinta has gone?

In an attempt to shrug off the beige that I’ve become, I’ve decided to embrace “OUTRAGEOUS” and to tap back into my true essence. I’m feeling rather nervous about it, I will admit, but I feel my heart beating a tad faster with excitement as I type. I’m not even sure what outrageous looks like at this stage, but I know for sure, I will not tolerate another year of beige.

What do I mean by Outrageous?

The Oxford dictionary definition of outrageous is, ‘very bold and unusual and rather shocking’.  For me, this means I have to be daring, I have try new things that are unusual for me, and as for shocking, I will reframe that as delightfully surprising. I want to surprise myself (and loved ones) by doing things I’ve secretly wanted to do, but was too shy to try. I want to experience vibrant, colorful, new adventures this coming year, just like I used to do.

Why not join me in an adventure of daring do and outrageousness? It would be fun to have travel companions to laugh with along the way. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Here’s what’s going on so far.  

  1. Went to a Voice Acting class in Amsterdam. https://stemacteren.nl/ It was brilliant, and I highly recommend the workshop. The trainer was the brilliant and very kind Thyrza – see her here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AC_ijZssSdA&list=RDcXf2WKtW0cs&index=16
  2. Signed up for a song writing bootcamp, starting next week. https://thesongwritingacademy.co.uk/
  3. Set up my home recording studio so I can start recording my own songs.

Here’s what I want to do, but will need a push because to me these things are outrageous.  

  1. Launch my video series, something that I’ve wanted to do for about 10 years
  2. Publish two books
  3. Record my ADHD song and load it on my Youtube channel for people to hear
  4. Launch my ADHD workshops and get back to training which I love so much