Life Coaching

Life coaching is for those who need a safe place to talk, express their desires and build the life they’ve always wanted, to fulfill their potential and purpose.


Life Coaching could help you if:


You are in transition but cannot find focus


You want to take the next step in your career or relationship


You are feeling overwhelmed and need balance


You are highly motivated but lack support or direction


You find it hard to set and reach your goals


You are looking for clarity


You are lacking motivation and need a bit of a push


You want someone to talk to who has only your best interests at heart

“The bad news is that time flies.

The good news is that you’re the pilot.”

Michael Althsuler

My Coaching Style

Imagine walking through that door to my coaching room, and feeling a familiar warmth embracing you. Leave behind the madding crowds, the noise, the chaos and enter a place of peace and focus. We’re both equals in this and you have the wisdom inside, I the skills to get it out. Together, we’ll draw the route for your journey towards success, happiness and a new you.

My Methodology

My method is based on 3 main dimensions:
I Am’, – which covers your values, your identity and the kind of person you want to be,
I Act’, – which covers your behaviors and what’s behind them,
I Feel’, – which covers your emotions and how they serve you or prevent you from moving forward.

When all three of these are aligned, we can actually be in charge of the life we want. When working with my clients, my aim is to explore these dimensions and provide clients with the tools they need to feel in charge of their lives and to achieve their goals.

The truth is that nobody ever teaches us how to live a life where we are in the driver’s seat, determining the direction we want to go and creating a life that aligns with us and our strengths.

But it’s never too late to learn and get started on gaining your inner power back – and I’m here to make this process easier for you!

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This model is a framework for the coaching journey. Each person is unique and at different points in their journey, therefore the coaching program will be custom-made to your specific needs, focusing on the areas most pertinent to you at this point in your life.