And suddenly, it was good-bye to 2022, and Hello 2023. For the first time in a long time, I actually feel excited as this “Journey 2023” commences. I’m not sure why and the reasons don’t matter. What’s most important is to embrace the feeling and run with it.

This time last year I was struggling with my ‘Beige Life’ and set myself the challenge to add some vibrancy to the beige. While I managed to splash a few dabs of color to the Jacinta Life Canvas (e.g. attending a Voice Over course, going on a writing retreat and allowing an interview to be public), I have to admit I played safe (beige) in 2022 more often than I acted with Vibrancy.

As I was reflecting on this, my dear friend Kathy turned up at my house to impart her words of wisdom. She told me that I have to embrace my inner Lady Gaga this year. No more playing small, no more hiding my talents, and no more letting shyness hold me back. To help me get into the zone, she gave me these fabulous glasses to wear.

Lady Gaga is a woman who represents many admirable qualities that if I were to embrace some of them, would make a huge difference to me as a person and to the type of experiences I manifest this year. Aside from being mega talented, Lady Gaga is also courageous, as well as being a hard worker, inspiring and creative. Furthermore, she is a person with strong convictions and is not afraid to stand out and be different. (“Gulp”, says the shy Jacinta).

Working in the field of Neurodiversity as I do, Lady Gaga’s confidence to be different without apology resonates strongly with me. My knees are shaking as I accept this exciting challenge for 2023 to step out of the shadows and onto center stage. To dare to be seen and heard. Fortunately, I am blessed to have my friends gently pushing me.

But enough about me. What about you? What do you want 2023 to be about? WHO do you want to be in the world this year? Some of you are ready to break out of your cocoon like me, but many of you are in need of quiet comfort.  And if this is the case, then you stand your ground and don’t let others pressure you to go fast, when you need to go slow.

I think the message for this year is for you to stand your ground, to choose your own path, and to travel that path on your terms.
Enjoy the journey everyone!