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ADHD & Life Coaching Frequently Asked Questions

Are the sessions in-person or online?

Whatever works for you! We can work in-person if you’re based in the Netherlands, but I can work both in-person and online.

How long does each coaching session last?

Individual sessions go for about 60 minutes. However, for ADHD clients, we usually work in 75-minute blocks.

What can I expect during the session?

Each session kicks off with a progress review of the previous week. In the main part of the session we look at the issue that you would like to focus on. To conclude the session we articulate what you will work on in the week(s) going forward.

Are your coaching sessions only for people with ADHD?

No, not at all! I work with anyone who is looking for a change or struggling with a (long-term) problem. If you have ADHD, we add this element to the standard coaching process.

What if I need support, and we don't have a session planned?

All my clients can have quick check-ins with me if they need urgent support between sessions. This depends on my availability, but I have found that I can almost always find the time for my clients in these situations via Whatsapp.

Do you have coaching packages or can I book ad hoc sessions?

When it comes to personal growth, change takes time and is not an easy fix. That’s why I prefer to work in blocks of sessions, rather than individual sessions. 

I offer two coaching packages, 6- or 12-pack depending on what you want to work on and the sort of change you are looking for.

 I also offer follow-up ad hoc maintenance sessions for those I’ve worked with previously.

What sorts of things do people come to a coach for?

Feeling scattered and unfocussed you may feel like you have no structure or control over your daily life (both at home and at work), spinning from one thing to the next. In coaching you will learn how to take back control over your life so that you are in the driver’s seat.

Career transitions – you may want to change jobs, go in a new direction or go for a promotion. I can help you identify your next steps and how best to get there.

Career challenges – you may struggle with stress, procrastination or overwhelm. I will help you identify what behaviors and subconscious beliefs that underpin your struggles. Then we work on changes you can make to get back control.