Let me Help You Get Back in the Driver’s Seat

I help those who feel they are not performing to their full potential or are yearning for a new direction and need clarity to step outside of their comfort zone. My coaching programs are also suitable for clients suffering from ADHD.

As a coach, my commitment is to see you go from the passenger’s seat to grabbing the steering wheel and being in control of your life.

I am a no-nonsense, fun yet serious, person-centered coach. My clients and I are equals in our coaching relationship. I am a guide, walking beside you on your path. Together we will work through your blockages, remove the saboteur who gets in the way and help you reconnect to your inner guide.

Life Coaching

If you want to step it up and start living the life you’ve always dreamed of, my life coaching programs are for you!

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ADHD Coaching

If you have or suspect you might have ADD / ADHD, you will benefit from coaching that is specifically targeted to your style of thinking and will help you build on your strengths.

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What coaching isn’t:

  • Me telling you what to do with your life
  • Performance pressure
  • Another chore to add to your workload
  • A magic bullet, an easy way out. You have to do the work to experience results. I cannot do it for you.

What coaching is:

  • A place to talk about you and to be listened to without judgement
  • Making exciting choices about what you really want
  • Learning how to do things more efficiently
  • Design the life you want
  • Experiencing a sense of peace and calm, and having the power to make things happen!

6 Week Coaching Program – 

If you have a very specific goal you want help with, then perhaps the six week program is enough for you.

This package includes:

  • 1 x 90 minute Journey Preparation Session
  • 5 x 60 minute Coaching Sessions
  • A recap email after each session so you have a record of the journey
  • A ‘PB’ Journal to record your successes, and ‘ah ha!’ moments
  • Ad hoc Whatsapp accountability texts (gentle reminders) if necessary
  • Additional handouts and resources, as needed

3 month Program – 

If you’re ready for a new direction, then jump aboard the train on Platform B.

This 3 month Coaching Program includes:

  • 1 x 90 minute Journey Preparation Session. In this session, we clarify the focus, set your goals and set you up for the journey ahead.
  • 10 x 60 minute Coaching Sessions: We then meet up each week to work on your goals, discovering new possibilities along the way. The regular contact keeps you moving forward.
  • 1 x 60 minute Completion & Acknowledgment session. In this final session, we review the journey, celebrate your successes and ensure you have the tools needed for the next phase of your journey.
  • A recap email after each session so you have a record of what you’ve done.
  • Whatsapp accountability texts (gentle reminders) between sessions if necessary.
  • A ‘PB’ Journal to record your insights and ‘ah ha!’ moments.
  • Additional support materials and activity sheets, as needed.

Maintenance Coaching – €175 / ex. BTW

After completing a series of coaching sessions, clients enjoy seeing the results of their new behaviours, habits and insights playing out in their lives. After some time, they might feel some old habits creeping back in and decide to book some maintenance sessions with their coach.

How it works is like this: You book a single session as needed or book a block of sessions and use them in an ad hoc fashion. This might be once a month or more often when the need arises. Some clients might book coaching sessions when they have to face a new challenge at work, or if they get a promotion and feel the need for additional short-term support. Because we would have worked together, there is no need for the set up sessions.

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The bad news is that time flies. The good news is that you’re the pilot.

Michael Althsuler

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