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Welcome to The Focus Cafe – Get support from people who understand!

Do day-to-day tasks get you overwhelmed? Do you spend more time worrying, over-thinking or procrastinating instead of completing work? Do you feel you’re the only one like this?

The Focus Cafe Support Group could be for you.
Every month, I facilitate a lively discussion with select members to share their challenges in a safe, warm, welcoming environment. Not everyone needs an official ADHD diagnosis, but if you identify with key traits you’re welcome to join. Here, it’s OK to be you, with all your quirks, without being judged.

The group is hosted by me, a certified ADHD specialist and life coach with over 20 years’ experience in the field. Each person in the close-knit group will have their chance to speak and share their story. Not only will I facilitate the discussion and to make sure everyone is heard, I will also zoom in on key topics to offer tips and advice. After every session you will walk away with new insights, useful tools to try out, and a sense of excitement that finally you’re in the driving seat, rather than the ADHD.


Scattered to Focused ADHD Support Group

How does it work?

The support group runs in cycles of three months. The cycle consists of 6 sessions, run every second week.
It’s best if you sign up for 6 sessions to fully profit from the group process.  However, if you are unsure and want to try it out first, you are welcome to register for single sessions.

These groups are called Open Groups, which means new people can register at any point along the way. What tends to happen in practice, though, is the same core people attend every session and get to know each other well.

At the end of the cycle, the group may want to continue as a Closed Group. (See below). Or start a fresh cycle.


The first session of each cycle will begin with personal introductions, a short overview about how the cycle will run and then it’s an open forum for everyone to share how ADHD/ADD shows up in your life.

Every session will follow this format:

  • Welcome and updates.
  • Open forum where everyone shares a story and gets tips and suggestions from the group.
  • Wrap-up of session. Your facilitator will summarize the key learning points, then everyone will take a moment to record their own notes.
  • Fond farewells until next time.

Some groups might decide to set a topic for each session. This will depend on the wishes of each group. Sometimes it’s better to have a theme up front, but sometimes it’s better to allow current issues to have center stage.


6 sessions (one session a fortnight)

Time – (Amsterdam time zone – CET)
Mondays from 20.00 – 21.30

Next group January 2022 (registration is now open)

Please send me an email to show you’re interested. 

Maximum 6 participants only

€65 per 6 sessions
€15 per single session

Dates for 2022

 I’ll be posting new dates by the end of the year.

Drop me an email if you are interested and I will keep you posted. 


At the end of the cycle, what then?

Upon completion of every cycle, the group decides whether they want to continue as a Closed Group or continue for another cycle of 6 sessions as an Open Group. (An open group is one that allows new people to join at any time). Very often, the group bond becomes so strong, they decide to continue as a closed group. The group can decide whether you want me to be facilitator or if you’re happy to manage the group yourselves. 

Contact me to register

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