Moving you from Scattered to Focused with ADHD specific coaching

ADHD Coaching

ADHD Coaching is specifically designed to work with the way the ADHD/ADD brain thinks and  processes information. Together, we work to harness your talents and reduce your challenges. If you find you are easily distracted, impulsive, messy, often in overwhelm and always running late, then maybe we should talk.

Creating Calm, Control & Focus

ADHD isn’t something to fix, it just needs a bit of taming. Would you like to reduce procrastination, overcome overwhelm and create a sense of structure and calm in your life? That’s my goal when I work with you. I want to help you get back in the driver’s seat, feeling in charge and in control.

ADHD / ADD coaching is for you if …


You notice you’re great at starting new projects, but get bored before the task is finished


You want to learn strategies to help you stay focused


You are looking to uncover and beat the underlying anxiety that seems to hold you back


You are ready to understand what causes procrastination and how to push past it


You want to have better control over your impulsivity


You want to learn skills that will help you get rid of overwhelm and become organized


You want to review what ADHD is and how to capitalize on the gifts it brings


You want to feel that you are achieving your full potential both at work and in your personal life


You want to stop your perfectionism from getting in the way


You want to be in charge of your emotions, not riding a daily emotional roller-coaster

“If your superpower is creativity and innovation, and you find yourself
procrastinating to really get things done, call Jacinta!”

Jump aboard and let’s get moving

Let me help you stay on track while moving in the right direction and learning how to achieve your full potential. Each person is unique and at a different point in their journey.  Therefore, the coaching program will be custom-made for your specific needs, focusing on the ADHD/ADD areas most pertinent to you at this point in your life. It’s like discovering the perfect operating manual for your brain!

Click below to see my coaching packages and find out how I can help. Click below to view my coaching packages. 

“Jacinta knows exactly what my challenges and motivations are as an adult with ADD. She has helped me to stay on track at pivotal moments in my life and business.”
“Her empathy, intuition and clear thinking supported me to relieve stress quickly and focus once again. She also empowered me to be able to guide myself when I need it in the future.”

Marja G

Let’s plan a call

For coaching to work best, we need to have a good click. That’s why I encourage you to book a free 60- minute exploration session with me.  During the call we’ll see if ADHD/ADD coaching is what you need and if I am the right coach for you. We’ll also discuss your goals and sketch out a plan on how to achieve them.

Ready to jump aboard?

Image of Jacinta Noonan on phone