Meet Jacinta

Meet Jacinta

My Life Journey so far

All my life I knew my calling was to help people overcome their life struggles and get out of the rut but I had no name for this approach or profession. Then, one day in 1999, while on a plane to Australia, I read an article about coaching. It was the first time I’d heard that word, and I knew then and there that I wanted to be a Coach.

Within a month I’d started studying, and by 2001, my coaching practice was up and running.  Coaches never stop learning though and in 2014, I graduated as an ADHD for Adults specialist coach. This led me to expand my services to offer coaching to anyone dealing with overwhelm or burnt out, or otherwise struggling with procrastination and stress.
Being incredibly passionate about my work, I like to help each and every one of my clients with professionalism, sensitivity, dedication, and enthusiasm.

I’m a coach and I help those who are looking for clarity so they can live a life of purpose and do what they genuinely love.

what drives me

I believe that life’s a journey. We begin our travels and pick a path to walk on while we’re still young. Once we get to a crossroad, we might get scared, thinking we need to walk the same trail, but let me tell you — it’s perfectly okay to choose a different path than the one we thought we would. And the advantage of this is that every new road just makes our lives richer, helping us evolve towards new versions of ourselves.

Of course, these changes involve self-discovery and require an in-depth knowledge of who we are, our skills, and the strengths and weaknesses that define us. Once you gain that awareness, you’ll experience joy in drawing a new roadmap that will guide you towards the new thrilling stage of your journey.

And this is exactly how I help my clients!

Together, we take your heavy baggage, throw away all that you don’t need and fill it with the right tools that will help you move forwards, towards a new special chapter of your journey.

Are you ready to get started?

Jacinta in a Nutshell

I …

  • was born on a farm, before moving to a small town, then to the big city, then to the world.
  • began my career teaching children, then moved on to adult training, first Business English, then in soft skills.
  • joined the corporate world and loved it, again working in training and development, travelling the world teaching.
  • have worked and lived in Australia, the Netherlands, UK, USA, Singapore.
  • have an insatiable desire to learn new things and hold degrees in training and psychology and have certificates in NLP, Coaching, ADHD/ADD coaching.
  • have studied music, writing, marketing and entrepreneurship.
  • have designed and taught training programs in communication skills, presentation skills, management development, leadership, negotiations, business English.


  • being with people and having engaging discussions that challenge my thinking.
  • creativity, design and beauty.
  • playing piano and guitar.
  • writing songs and singing.
  • writing and the magic of words.
  • reading and watching too many Netflix series.
  • having lots of nature around me.
  • my job, my friends, my family, my husband.

Next Steps – The journey continues, and to keep life exciting here’s a list of my latest challenges for 2021:


  • Write book one of my series for ADHD at work
  • Keep working on my song-writing skills and work towards having 4 completed by August
  • Have fun launching my ADHD support group.
  • Find something daring to do to keep me on my toes.