Life is a Journey and You are in the Driver’s Seat

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Life is a Journey and
You are in the Driver’s Seat

Is your potential unfulfilled and you feel like you’re running round in circles?

Are you constantly overwhelmed and lacking focus, feeling like you’re juggling too much?

Do you feel as if procrastination is holding you back from your success?

Hi! I’m Jacinta Noonan, I’m a coach and my mission is to help people find their passion, feel energized and in control of a new phase of their life.

I work with those who feel overwhelmed, stuck in their current situation and want to embark on a deep journey of self-discovery and freedom.

Throughout this voyage we will tailor the roadmap to you and your needs and we will share the heavy baggage you might be carrying; we will laugh and we will cry and our conversations will be truthful and deep. Together, we’ll get you ready to depart for a new chapter filled with self-love, self-knowledge and a lighter you!

If you’re ready to start this journey, get in touch!

“The train at Platform B is now departing.

Jump aboard for the journey of a lifetime…”

Life Coaching

If you want to step it up and start living the life you’ve always dreamed of, my life coaching programs are for you!

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ADHD Coaching

If you have or suspect you might have ADD/ADHD, you’ll benefit from coaching that is specifically targeted to your style of thinking and will help you build on your strengths.

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Free 60 minute Exploration Session

For coaching to work best, we need to have a good click, that’s why I encourage you to book a free 60-minute exploration session with me. During the call we’ll see if coaching is what you need and if I am the right coach for you. We’ll also discuss your goals and sketch out a plan on how to achieve them.
Ready to jump aboard?

The Focus Cafe - Support Group

Never underestimate the value of a coaching conversation with Jacinta. I meet with her regularly online and never fail to leave the call without the embers of my creativity and enthusiasm having been fanned into life.

– Clare Wildman, Owner at Clare Wildman Coaching and founder of You and a Book

Huge thanks to Jacinta Noonan for the fantastic workshop she held on Podcasts and Webinars last night as part of the WBII's PWD programme. She showed us by example the best way to keep your audience captivated. Such fun!

– Lisa Hall, Lemonberry – Web & Graphics Agency

Jacinta Noonan has been my coach for the last 10 years, providing enormous support throughout these crunchy years – starting with relationship difficulties and struggles with young children and then to career advice and developing leadership and empowerment skills. Most recently Jacinta has helped me navigate my way through a divorce. Thank goodness for Jacinta!


Due to her empathic, intuitive, sharp, sensitive and yet no messing about approach, Jacinta always hits the spot full on, and together we transform what was difficult and painful, into something manageable, something which I learn and grow from – lessons which I will cherish for life.