Welcome! Platform B for those looking to change direction

How do you feel?

Do you feel you’re not fulfilling your full potential? Are you someone who feels constantly overwhelmed and unfocussed, while trying to juggle too many projects at once? Are you yearning for a change, a new direction but don’t know where to start, what to do or how to go about it? Or maybe you are at a crossroad in life and need a helping hand to figure out the next step.


Together we will embark on a journey of self-discovery. I’m here to help you find clarity, get focused and take back control of your life. You’ll leave behind old baggage and start exploring new possibilities.  Refreshed, Energized, Excited. That’s how my clients feel after working with me. I offer a choice of coaching, training and support groups to help you navigate the next stage of your life.

Hi there.   

I’m Jacinta Noonan

I’m a coach, and my mission is to help people find their passion, feel energized and in control of a new phase of their life. I work with those who feel overwhelmed, stuck in their current situation and want to embark on a new journey of self-discovery. Being incredibly passionate about my work as a coach, I strive to help each and every one of my clients with professionalism, sensitivity, dedication, and enthusiasm.

Together we’ll embark

on your voyage

Throughout this voyage we will tailor the roadmap to your needs; we will offload the unwanted baggage; we will laugh and we will cry. Our conversations will be deep and truthful. Together, we’ll get you ready to depart for a new chapter filled with self-love, self-knowledge and a lighter you!

If you’re ready to start this journey, get in touch!

“Refreshed, Energized, Excited!

Well, that’s how I want you to feel after working with me.”

Jacinta Noonan sitting on couch