Don’t avoid the pain of learning something new – success is near

After months of avoidance, I began my day with a bit of brain training at  Instead of getting frustrated at things I couldn’t do, I took some time to analyse where the weaknesses were and look forward to practising more. One thing I did notice was that whenever I do things for the first time, I feel very confused, anxious and frustrated. In the past, this swirl of emotions sent me running to the Procrastination Party. However, this morning, I just noticed what was happening and then repeated the activity. And surprise, surprise! I was quite amazed to notice that during the second round I improved a lot. It would appear that my brain processes new information slowly but once it understands something, progress occurs in leaps and bounds. So my personal lesson for today is that I have to hang in there when trying something new. It will be awful and that’s OK. And hold on to the knowledge that after the initial pain, I will enjoy the exhilaration of success.

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