ADD/ADHD Coaching for Adults

client-300x200If you have ADD/ADHD (or suspect you might have), then you will benefit from coaching that is specifically targeted to your style of thinking and the way you process information. Jacinta Noonan understands the particular needs of someone with ADD/ADHD and has developed specific tools to help you build on your strengths and reduce the impact of your weaknesses.

Jacinta focuses primarily on Adults with ADD/ADHD, not children and is passionate about helping this group reach their full potential.   (If you are looking for help for your child, do feel free to contact her as she can recommend therapists who specialize in working with children.)

If you were diagnosed with ADD either recently or earlier in your life and would like to learn more about how to get the best out of yourself, then a series of coaching sessions would be beneficial.

The coaching process is very similar to other coaching, however you will:

  • Review what ADD is and how your brain is different
  • Learn strategies to help you stay focused
  • Learn skills that will help you be more organized
  • Understand what causes the constant procrastination that keeps you from finishing things and you will learn how to push past this gremlin
  • Uncover the underlying anxiety and/or low self-esteem that seem to hold you back and learn how to counter act this
  • Learn how to channel your thoughts more productively so that you don’t spend most of your life coming up with good ideas that rarely happen
  • Learn about the gifts of ADD and how to capitalize on these gifts and therefore excel at work, at home and socially.

Call Jacinta or email for a confidential, no obligation chat about ADD/ADHD specific coaching so that you can make an informed decision about whether coaching might be useful for you.

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ADD/ADHD was not officially recognized until about 25 years ago which means that there are many people who don’t realize that their challenges might stem from ADD/ADHD.
If any of the following rings a bell, you could possibly have ADD/ADHD.

  • You feel that you are not filling your potential, even though you know you are more than capable
  • You often experience the feeling that people do not understand you
  • You struggle with organizational skills and time-management
  • You get bored quite easily
  • You need lots of stimulation and fun
  • You like the “new” or novel – new job, new gadget, new project. You love starting things but then you lose interest half way through and you struggle to complete things
  • You have trouble staying focused on one thing
  • You feel like your mind is running at a hundred miles an hour
  • You notice you procrastinate a lot more than others
  • You tend to be hard on yourself and frustrated a lot

If you feel perplexed about why you are not achieving your goals and would like to see if ADD/ADHD might be at the bottom of it, there are some great websites available that offer a simple test. However, it is important to bear in mind that these online tests are just an indication and do NOT confirm you have ADD/ADHD. To get a proper diagnosis you need to see a psychologist who can do the official test. If you need help finding someone, please contact me and I will pass on my recommendations.

(NB: As a coach, I am NOT qualified to diagnosis ADD/ADHD. I can only provide support in terms of practical tools, tips and behaviour change techniques that will help you be more effective. You do not have to have a formal diagnosis to work with me.)

If you would like to have a confidential chat about this, please feel free to give me a call.  My mission is to help those with ADD/ADHD or undiagnosed ADD/ADHD to finally learn how to work to their strengths and start achieving the success they know they are capable of.

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